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Hitman 2012 Full Movie

When Gina, a popular print model, met Ben, a guy with an arresting smile and a good sense of humor, she thought she found the perfect guy that will love her for real. Gina met Ben in a coffee shop. Ben bought Gina a cup of coffee after her drink accidentally spilled because of him. Because of Ben’s charm, they easily got along and Gina silently wished they could see each other again that night.

Desperadas 2008 Full Movie

Four half-sisters face a variety of challenges as they struggle through their lives in this charming comic drama from the Philippines. Single mother Isabella (Ruffa Gutierrez) has difficulty committing to a relationship; sex expert Patricia (Rufa Mae Quinto) is surprised by her husband’s secret; attorney Stephanie (Iza Calzado) tries to make her marriage work; and Courtney (Marian Rivera) has difficulty with her fiancĂ©’s born-again Christianity.

Lab En Kisses 1997 Full Movie

Lab en Kisses. This is a story of an odd couple, Labrador, a woman hater and Kisses, a stubborn stow away from Cebu, who is trying to escape her uncle who pushes her to marry a man she doesn’t love. A love and hate relationship brew between the two until they found themselves facing the same odds… but this time, together.

Iputok Mo…Dadapa Ako!

Si Bruce Deelees (Vic Sotto) ay isang simpleng probinsyano at si MAryo (Francis Magalona) ay ang kanyang pinsang nag-aaral sa Maynila na walang inatupag kundi ang pagbubulakbol. Nang mamatay ang kanilang lolo ay nagpasya silang sa Maynila na mamalagi. Dito nakilala ni Bruce si Olga (Rita Avila), nabighani si Bruce kay Olga at agad niya itong niligawan. Ngunit may mga kondisyon si Olga para makuha ni Bruce ang kanyang “matamis na oo”. Ito ay kailangan manalo muna siya sa beauty contest na sinalihan niya. Sa coronation day, isang grupo ng terorista na pinamumunuan nila Saddam (Dick Israel) at Hussein (John Regala) ang makakaengkwentro nila Brece at Maryo. Sa huli ay magagapi nila ang mga terorista at makakamit ni Bruce ang matagal na niyang inaasam mula kay Olga.

Pagdating ng Panahon Full Movie

Lynette is a conservative and religious lady who leads a boring life selling native delicacies in Laguna. She comes from a family of old maids. So when she gets a marriage proposal from Manuel, whose family is known to be a brood of chauvinists, she was estactic. Upon learning this news, Manuel’s family was not exactly happy. But after Lynette figures in an accident, she starts to have a different outlook making her more confident prompting her to live a more exciting lige that she starts to attract more attention from the male populace, leaving Manuel insecure. Meanwhile, Bubut, a commong friend of Lynette and Manuel is secretly in love with Manuel and feels that she is the right girl for him. Withstanding her sister’s advise, Lynette sets outs to Manila as part of her business expansion, leaving Soni very disappointed. As she stays in Manila, she meets Joaquin, who is very fond of her. Manuel finds out about Joaquin and becomes jealous of him. But instead of returning his love, Lynette realizes how much she loves Manuel and she goes back home. Will Manuel accept Lynette still?

Hide and Seek 2007 Full Movie

Eric Quizon plays Oliver Alicanio, a university professor who is tried and then acquitted in a high profile crime. He and wife Leah (Jean Garcia) go to the province to take a breather after a very stressful event in their lives. As soon as they stepped down from their car, the Alicanio family knew that they are not alone in the house.

Strange sounds of clanging pipes can be heard, unearthly voices whisper in the corners, and shadows, appears in the windows at strike of midnight. Unknown to them, the mansion where they take refuge is haunted by a malevolent spirit with a terrifying vendetta. As sheer terror takes over the place, the family will realize that their only chance of survival is to run and hide before the sinister spirits find them.

Bakit Ba Ganyan 2000 Full Movie

Ricky and Mara used to be a couple. Yet even after the separation, they kept a friendly relationship. Both have shared in their parenting responsibilities to their only daughter Mumay. Although many girls get attracted to him, Ricky never really entertained other romantic possibilities because he still feels for Mara. But problems arise after Mara starts seeing Robbie, the son of the radio station owner where she works. But soon after, Robbie forces himself on Mara. The turn of event is rather too much for Mara to bear, so she turns to Ricky for comfort and support. As they engage in a drinking session to ease their worries, they get drunk and things go beyond their control.

Ikaw Ang Mahal Ko 1996 Full Movie

FPJ is Pilo, a mild-mannered bodyguard whose only daughter considers every single woman she knows as a prospective new mother. Vilma is Miling, an old-fashioned probinsiyana who stows away when she learns that her aunt has bethroted her to the richest man in town. They meet in the most bungling of situations and they become fast enemies.
But when two people are meant to stay together, it doesnt really matter if their first meeting was disastrous.

Dito sa Pitong Gatang 1992 Full Movie

Pitong Gatang is a village in Tondo with Berting Cayabyab (Fernando Poe Jr) as their chairman. He is an effective leader and the people love and respect him. He leads a crusade against gambling and he sees to it that every gambling place in his vicinity is closed down. But he holds a dark secret no one, not even his daughter, Jessica (Harlene Bautista) knows about. And when two police officers arrive in the city to look for a certain Del Valle , he knows his secret will soon be revealed.

Biktima (movie 1990)

The first time their paths crossed, they are virtual enemies. Becca (Sharon) is the relentless prosecutor while Jing (Christopher) is the jittery accused. But the most important witness backs out before anything can happen to the case. Though disappointed, Becca convinced herself to forget the case and move on. But for Jing its a different story. his heart is screaming for revenge and it is Becca he is going after.

Ate (Movie 2008)

Helen and Dave are a happy couple, but their relationship is tested when Helens younger sister comes into the picture. Helens family is under threat from being torn apart as the two sisters fight for the affections of a single man, and Helen herself is put to the test when faced with the temptation of a man she once loved.

Basta Ikaw Nanginginig Pa Full Movie

Enteng (Vic Sotto) has long been looking for the right girl, but it seems that he doesn’t have much luck at it. Disppointed, he decides to join his cousin in Manila where he meets Selya (Rosanan Roces), his cousin’s landlady. Feisty, fiery and frank, Selya annoys and perplexes Enteng. Not used to the ways of the big city, he figures that it’s best for him to go home. But something strange happens on his way to work to signify his resignation: he is mistaken for the hired assassin tas ked to kill Selya. Now, it’s up to him to really save her!

Bullet Movie 1999

He has the mind and temper of a young child, but when it comes to guns, Bullet (Cesar Montano) is as adept as a highly-trained marksman. But this very special talent comes into a harrowing play when Bullet and his young cousin witness a brutal murder perpetrated by a notorious gang. Out to eliminate any eyewitness, the gang goes after the two cousins. In their flight and eventual fight for life, Bullet and his cousin find a timely ally in Mabel (SUNSHINE CRUZ), an undercover cop assigned to encroach into the gangs operations. Together, Bullet and Mabel face a group not only mightier in size but in power…

Stupid Love Movie 2002 Andrew E

Two zany friends George (Andrew E) and Bin (Blakjak) leave the orphanage to pursue their singing careers. Looking for work, they end up as junk shop helpers. George misrepresents himself to Wendy (Angelica de la Cruz), a beautiful woman blinded in a car accident. Recovering her sight after a successful eye operation, Wendy learns the truth but remains stupidly in love with George.

San Lazaro Movie 2011

Sigfried (Ong), a random loser who has contented himself by learning useless skills from YouTube, is suddenly plucked from his uneventful existence by Limuel (Ramon Bautista), his previous classmate whom he has not communicated with since their school days, to bring Limuel’s brother (Nicco Manalo), who seems to be possessed by some sort of evil spirit, to his uncle (Allan Forte), a singing exorcist, in the faraway town of San Lazaro.

Pa-siyam (2004)

After their mother's death, her adult children gather in their family home to respect the funereal rite of Pa-sayim. Although they had originally thought she died of natural causes, thy soon realize that a dark force in he home may have played a part in her demise. Written by

White House Movie

Six contestants enter a pinoy horror-reality show to survive 5 days of haunting inside the famous White House in Baguio City. A million pesos is at stake but as the first night draws to a close and each one is being found dead, everyone realizes their lives are also on the line.

It is up to spirit medium Jet (Gabby Concepcion) to find out what exactly is going on and who is the real enemy among he many ghosts that haunt the place, which includes a powerful Black Lady who abducted the soul of Jet’s only daughter. A chance of a lifeline with no lifelines… who will survive in the end?

Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie

Angelina is a seven year old brilliant and talented girl, but with an undeniably spoiled personality. After her first yaya (nanny) gets hospitalized because of her disobedience (A fire occurred prior to her hospitalization; Angelina was the cause of the fire because the nanny was teaching the latter how to grill), her parents decide to find her another yaya which would combat her attitude.

After a lot of applicants quit the job due to Angelina's attitude, a woman named Rosalinda "Cha-Cha" Lucero applies for the job, and is accepted. She assumes the job of looking after Angelina as an easy task, to which the latter proves otherwise. Shortly thereafter, some tragedies occur, which obviously Angelina is to blame: putting a can of beer in a microwave oven at a supermarket, causing an explosion at the said supermarket; fighting with her schoolmate in a zoo; and going to the top of a belfry of a church whilst the rest of her family attends a wedding therein. Angelina's mom decides to discharge Rosalinda if she causes any more problems. Rosalinda is frustrated upon learning this, to which Angelina tries to make her happy, only to cause Rosalinda to be fired after accidentally killing her father's pet fish.

Because her parents conclude a nanny cannot help their daughter, Angelina lives momentarily without a yaya. With no one to protect her, Angelina is accidentally kidnapped by a group of terrorists after overhearing their plan to murder the Duchess of Wellington, who has arrived from (presumably) England to visit Angelina's school. After receiving no response from her busy parents, Angelina calls Rosalinda. Angelina describes a place near a warehouse (she sees the words LOSER, which is really part of a sign which reads ManoLO SERvice Center). Doubting Angelina's words, Rosalinda discharges her call. Later on, Rosalinda is convinced to help Angelina in order to prove the latter's sincerity. She goes to the church nearby, where she rememberes the bell ringing while Angelina was calling. There she sess the word LOSER, which pertains to Manolo Service Center. She realizes at once that the terrorists' hideout is near. At the warehouse, she finds Angelina, and saves her. Meanwhile, Angelina's parents assume that Rosalinda kidnapped Angelina as revenge for firing her, which is eventually negated.

After Angelina's narrow escape, the terrorists' leader, Eve, kidnaps her parents. The only way to save them is to have Angelina give a bomb-ridden bouquet of flowers to the Duchess of Wellington as she makes her speech. Rosalinda manages to avert the incoming crisis by switching it with another set of flowers. Upon getting the bomb-ridden flower, Rosalinda arrives inside Eve's bus and starts a cat fight with her. Seeing that her plan has been foiled, Eve takes Angelina captive. Rosalinda tracks them down until she reaches the rooftop. She engages Eve once again to a catfight, but as the two women fight each other, the billboard behind them crashes down, trampling Eve but miraculously leaves Rosalinda and Angelina unscathed.

The terrorists eventually become powerless after Eve's demise. Angelina's parents decide to make Rosalinda as Angelina's permanent yaya. The Duchess' plows on with her speech and awards Angelina and Rosalinda for their bravery. Near the end of the film, Rosalinda's backside is written with the word "LOSER", and Angelina's is drawn with wings.

Pasang Krus Movie

Masasangkot sa isang sigalot sa lupain sa Isabela at mapapatay ang asawa ni Hermina (Rosanna Roces). Bago pa man isunod si Hermina at ang kanilang apat na anak ay tatakas na ang mga ito. Susubukan ni Hermina na humingi ng tulong sa mga pulis ngunit ang mga ito’y pawang kasabwat din ng mga pumatay sa kanyang asawa. Dahil wala nang mapuntahan, magtatatakbo na lamang siya karay ang mga anak. Sa pagmamadali’y mahihiwalay ang kanyang panganay.

Lab Kita... Bilib Ka Ba?


Tagalog Movie

Billy (Robin Padilla) is content in being a drummer in a rock band.

Things begin to change, however, when people start recognizing him as Carlos.

But who is Carlos?

Is he Billy really one and the same or is it just a case of mistaken identity?

And who is this Gemma (Ruffa Gutierrez) and what is her significance in his life?

As he struggles to find his true identity, he will soon discover the truth that will make a great impact in his life.

Robin Padilla
Ruffa Gutierrez
Jacklyn Jose
Dan Alvaro
Jess Lapid Jr

Dobol Trobol: Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol! (2008)

Alternative Video

Dolphy is turning 80 years old and as a treat for his fans, the comedy king is now doing a movie tentatively titled “Dobol Trobol” together with the “prince” of comedy Vic Sotto.

The movie took 10 years in conceptualizing that’s why the comedy royalties are very happy that it finally took off.

Abrakadabra 1994 Full Movie

Allading (Dolphy) with his sidekicks Baste and Jojit were hired to work for an antique shop owned by the Monteros. One day, Mr Montero brought a hundred year old antique jar from a wrecked ship. While Allading was making the wooden case, the jar was accidentally broken. Two genies were freed from the jar and soon created chaos around the shop blaming everything to Allading.

Born To Love You (film) 2012 Full Movie

Born To Love You is a 2012 film and started showing on May 30, 2012 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Jerome Pabocan starring Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto released under Star Cinema and CineMedia. The film is set for a nationwide premier on May 30, 2012. The said movie is also Quinto's acting debut

Born To Love You centers around a poor lass (Angeline Quinto) who likes to join amateur singing contests with her two younger siblings, who later falls in love with a photographer (Coco Martin).

MORON 5 and the CRYING LADY Full Movie 2012

Half-witted longtime friends Albert (Luis Manzano), Isaac (Billy Joe), Mozart “Mo” (DJ Durano), Michaelangelo “Mike” (Martin Escudero) and Aristotle“Aris” (Marvin Agustin) were used to living moronic yet pretty normal and hassle-free lives until successful careerwoman Becky Pamintuan (John Lapus) accused them of killing her father and ruin everything for them. The Moron 5 are more than sure of their innocence but for the life of them, they can’t find any single satisfactory argument on how to prove it especially when their opponent would do everything to punish them for whim. Spending three miserable years in prison trying different failed comedic attempts to get out, they finally figured a way to escape. They stalked Becky and tried to understand why she’s fighting so hard to have them imprisoned when it’s clear as day that what happened three years ago was a nonsense frame-up. An opportunity came when Becky’s driver got fired for having an affair with her maid and Albert volunteered to apply to replace him. He infiltrated the Pamintuan Residence and together with his four crazily daft friends, they’ve gathered information about the curious family yet to them, it isn’t making any sense at all especially Becky’s unexplained hatred to the five of them. Why is Becky fighting so hard to have them suffer? The Moron 5 will try their hardest to know and hopefully understand what’s really going on although little did they know that by doing so, everything that they hold dear might be at risk.


Main Cast: Gabby Concepcion, Pokwang, Ruffa Gutierrez
Supporting Cast: Gloria Diaz, John Lapus, Kiray Celis, Jillian Ward
Director: Joel Lamangan
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Released By: Regal Films
MTRCB Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: A mother dies on the night of her 25th wedding anniversary. From purgatory, she sees that another woman is set to replace her as mother and wife. She returned to her house as a ghost and tries to sabotage the relationship of his husband with his new wife to be.
The Positive: Pokwang and John Lapus are good comedians but the weak material leaves their antics less funny and less entertaining.
The Negative: “The Mommy Returns” will remind you of the Eva Longoria movie “Over My Dead Body” wherein the plot revolves around a female ghost trying to sabotage her boyfriend/husband’s current relationship with a new woman.
While the story is unoriginal, the jokes are not “kwela”, the cast, meanwhile, is uneven. Gabby Concepcion looks awkward in doing comedy, as well as Ruffa Gutierrez. The kids have no comedic timing either.
Hastily assembled and severely lacking in humor, “The Mommy Returns” is one of Joel Lamangan’s weakest outings ever.
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