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The Bride and the Lover (2013 Film) Full Movie

The Bride and the Lover" has been fancifully described as "a highly-charged erotic-drama," but I don't think that doesn't quite capture what the movie is all about. Sure, there are bedroom scenes galore, but they are more gratuitous than erotic. Drama? I did not discern either passion or pathos in the actors, who are a few notches above wooden telenovela characters. Let us dissect this rare animal to find out its genealogy. Vivian (Lovi Poe) is the CEO of a leading land development conglomerate. She's vivacious, aggressive and a bit screwy. In the middle of her grand wedding (she rides a gondola to church!) to Philip (Paulo Avelino), she shocks everyone by saying "I don't" and displaying photos of Philip in various compromising situations with her best friend, Sheila (Jennylyn Mercado). Then she charges out of the church with her bodyguards in tow.

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